Paula Harsley

The power behind the right words for your business

I specialise in bringing internal and external business communications to life.

The words you choose impact the effectiveness of your message. I can turn the passion that you have for your business into impactful, memorable and understandable communications which will attract attention and give your business the edge.

Having spent over twenty years in the finance sector writing documentation for sales, account management and customer service departments, I then spent thirteen years working with and for expanding SMEs across a variety of industries including food procurement, IT and tech. With such a breadth of knowledge and experience, I can tailor a bespoke communications package to suit your specific requirements.

I understand the needs of busy business owners, leaders and managers. Your time is best spent doing what you excel at - so why not let me create the communications that you'd love to have the time or expertise to do if you could?

Give me a call to discuss what you need and how I can help.  I might even visit you in my classic Citroen 2CV!

Website Reviews and copy creation

A fixed price audit of your website wording offering helpful suggestions to improve traction and further engage your audience. You can either take my suggestions forward in-house, or I can quote to action them on your behalf.

Internal communication plans, documentation and strategy updates

Whether you need regular internal newsletters to update staff; policy documents written or you simply need to communicate change or strategy updates, I can help. I can create an entire internal communication plan or ad hoc updates.

Social Media content training

How do your team communicate your vision? Do they fully understand your brand values? Do you need ideas for content writing? Do your team have the right security settings to protect your business? Do they know how to maximise their reach on social media? I can deliver one to one or group training to ensure your message is heard clearly and on brand, whoever is posting.

Blogs and Social Media

Do you have time to update your social media and blog posts? Do you have the expertise to collate informative short articles? Blogs and social media content needs to be posted regularly to gain the best results. Why not ask me to create them on your behalf under an agreed schedule?

Articles and Press Releases

Publishing impactful content in the form of articles and Press Releases is an excellent way to ensure your business is 'seen' by clients, suppliers and competitors. I will ensure the passion you have for your organisation is transferred to the written page.

Awards submissions

Winning awards can be a great way to market your business - but only if you get shortlisted or actually win! With a record for submitting winning submissions, I will try my best to ensure that you win the awards that will have the best results for your business' profile.


How do you promote your business when quoting? I can assist with formatting a document which offers a clear outline of the products and services you offer, deftly highlighting the benefits to the person signing the cheque as well as the end user.

Editing and Proofreading

You've written your pitch, presentation, email or article and read it so many times that you're blind to the errors within. Alternatively, you may not know that they are errors. Why not let me edit and proofread your important communications. The right words matter - the words you write matter, too!

Neurodiversity support

It is estimated that 1 in 7 people are neurodivergent. If you, or one of your employees is neurodivergent, business writing can be a challenge. I will work in partnership with individuals to create powerful communications in a way that works for them, bringing out their clever thinking into words reflecting their true selves. I am very empathetic with experience of working shoulder to shoulder with amazing neurodivergent people.

Why am I the right wordsmith for you?
A wordsmith is someone who is a skilled user of words.

I've always loved working with words. From playing Scrabble; writing stories and essays at school to writing engaging sales documentation and appealing policy content for growing businesses, I relish the challenge of finding the right words to suit.

I also have a passion for helping others and gain enormous satisfaction in transferring an owner's vision for their business into impactful content alongside giving ideas and advice if necessary.

Being a wordsmith enables me to save you time, prevent you from grappling with an area that isn't necessarily your area of expertise as well as providing you with quality internal or external copy.

Whether reviewing your website wording; writing winning awards submissions; translating tech-speak; creating quirky content or simply providing you with an informative Press Release, I will find the right words to project, promote and pitch your business effectively.

Let me tell your story - contact me today.

Jon Gibson
Backdrop Leadership Group

‘When I commissioned Paula to review our website, I honestly didn’t realise how thorough and comprehensive the work would be. Her work was fabulous, just fabulous! What an incredible service that all business and website creators should use. Thank you for helping us.’

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Sherelyn Cowles
Gooding Accounts

“It was a pleasure to work with Paula on our submission for the Bath Life Awards. She effortlessly understood the requirements and crafted the content into a convincing story which ultimately resulted in Gooding Accounts being listed as finalists in two categories. Despite a tight deadline the work was completed on time and to the agreed budget. We would recommend Paula and will look forward to working with her on future projects.”

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Liam Cripps
Smart Bills Utilities

Huge thank you to Paula for all her time and efforts in rewriting an outdated and quite frankly dull LinkedIn profile that no longer reflected the reality of what I do work wise nor the passion I have for my business. Paula has found the right words to help me to both promote myself and my services, I am no longer embarrassed by what had simply become an online CV! Paula took the time and effort to find out exactly what it was I wanted to say and why it was important to me, a fantastic personalised service that I would highly recommend to friends and colleagues.

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Fran Harvey
Franco's Catering

Paula has captured me and my business brilliantly. She listened to my passion and turned it into words for my personal and business LinkedIn pages. We provide bespoke catering, Paula provides bespoke words!

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Melody Thompson
The Alternative Board

Paula is a confident and effective writer who demonstrates these skills in a wide variety of different scenarios or sectors after taking a great brief. She is warm and approachable to work with, helping to capture important key messages that need to be clearly communicated. It’s been a great pleasure to work with you on a range of projects Paula!

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Emily Gibson
FOTO Photography

Paula worded everything perfectly, and I couldn't be happier. She really got to know me, the way I work and the offerings I give to my clients. The work that she has done for my website has been excellent.

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Kathryn Roynon
KR HR and Training Consultancy

I asked Paula to write a Press Release for me when KR HR and Training Consultancy was privileged to have won the HR and Training Specialists of the Year in the UK category at the International Elite 100 Awards. She managed to highlight within the short article the passion that I have for positive people practices, the credibility of the awards and also the support I give to the local business community by delivering Masterclasses for the local Growth Hub. I would have found it difficult to put this together myself and the reaction I received from other businesses, clients and potential clients was wonderful. I will definitely use Paula again for important communications.

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Gabrielle Stirling

I met Paula at a networking event and enlisted her services to try and help drag my LinkedIn profile into shape as it was quite out of date. Something I had been planning to do for ages but never quite got round to! Paula reviewed what I already had on LinkedIn and not only suggested new text but also pointed out lots of settings that I could enhance my profile with, as well as other tweaks here and there. After providing her suggested wording to me - we collaborated on it to get it just right. Then she updated everything and gave me some final tips. It was an absolute pleasure working with Paula, she is responsive, efficient and very collaborative as well as being a genuinely warm and caring person who actually cares about what she does. She seems to have an innate knack of understanding your business and objectives without having to spend a lot of time going into great detail. On top of this her work is very cost effective and of high quality. I highly recommend her writing services to you.

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  • Near Chippenham, Wiltshire
  • Whilst I am based in Wiltshire, I am happy to work with clients throughout the UK, so please get in touch.

Charity Support
The Youth Adventure Trust use outdoor adventure and one-to-one support to empower young people to fulfil their potential and lead positive lives in the future.  They work with them to build resilience, develop confidence and learn skills that will last a lifetime, helping them to face the challenge in their lives.  

I began as a volunteer mentor for the charity in 2021. It is amazing to see the difference that two hours spent every other week with a young person can make. The one to one sessions are not all about adventure, sometimes, just doing things that the young person doesn't have the opportunity to do in their domestic setting can be very valuable. During my time as a mentor I've cooked, walked, canoed, talked and seen sights as well as eating a fair amount of cake and ice cream!

Read more about Youth Adventure Trust's work and the impact the charity has on the lives of the young people they work with at